Wednesday, December 14, 2016

From Auspolozza - Sydney Radio Shouty Men


The New South Wales government banned greyhound racing, on the basis that greyhound trainers had been caught employing despicable means to train their dogs and the number of slow dogs killed each year was considered unacceptable. The barbarity didn't equal the entertainment value. Almost no one attended the races, only gamblers paid any attention, who would care if greyhound racing disappeared?

Sydney radio shouty men suddenly became huge supporters of greyhound racing. Suddenly, as if something occurred to raise their interest, to make them become so enthusiastic about greyhound racing that they went into battle for it, suddenly. I wonder what it was that raised their interest, so suddenly? Can you imagine what it was?

The government folded, suddenly greyhound racing wasn't so bad. The Sydney radio shouty men controlled the government by managing public opinion.

The New South Wales government believed greyhound racing was cruel, the greyhound racing industry did something to gain the support of the Sydney radio shouty men, we don't know what, then greyhound racing wasn't cruel any more.

That's the way to run a state.


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