Friday, November 25, 2016

The Clergy Are All Liars

The clergy are liars. They are. They may not intend to be liars, they may be deluded, but they are all liars.

The clergy earn a living by selling a bridge between Earth and Heaven. Comic book conmen sell real bridges that they don't own, the clergy sell a bridge they don't own and a bridge that doesn't exist. The bridge goes to a place that doesn't exist. That's a marvellous con, but it's still a lie.

It's an easy living, reading from a book, telling stories, I'm sure it's a very pleasant way to live. I've no doubt the clergy administer some good works, converting other people's charity into organized work is a worthwhile thing to do. I'm sure most of them mean well, but they are all liars.

Even if they truly believe that a place called Heaven exists, deep down they must know they have no more idea of how to get there than anyone else. No one knows. The only people who know what occurs after we die are the dead, and they aren't talking.

Over thousands of years different people have described different versions of Heaven and different ways to get there. All these Heavens have been based on the culture of the day, all the people who earned a living telling other people how to get there lied. They didn't know. No one knows.

The bridge to Heaven is a sweet thought, I think we'd all like to believe it exists. It doesn't. Those who earn a living selling you that bridge are lying to you. All of them.


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