Friday, November 25, 2016

Give Me A Hand?

I'm currently trying to resuscitate my near dead flute playing career, I'm hoping you'll lend me a hand?

You can help by just listening to some tracks, or by clicking play on the music player above this blog post. I don't even mind if you turn the volume down and let the track play in silence, just by people playing the recordings they become more prominent on sites, popularity drives popularity, don't you know? If you prefer something more mellow go to and listen to the Bird Hide album, or search "jak bird hide album" on Spotify if that's where you listen to music. Playing tracks really does make a difference, it really helps. Hopefully you'll enjoy the tunes too!

If you want to go above and beyond go ahead and share some tracks on social media, spread the word. Other people sharing the work of musicians is many times more effective than the musicians sharing their own work, it helps even more than playing the tracks yourself.

I need to get known again, be seen as a genuine player. I am a genuine player, but that doesn't make any difference if I'm completely unknown.

All I can offer in return for your assistance is my gratitude. I know, not much of an offer, eh? You'll also know you're helping a musician who is following his own path, playing an instrument that struggles to find a place in popular music, and who is always learning and developing his craft.

All I need is a helping hand to get me in front of the public again, the rest is up to me.


The above track, Four Flute One Takes, is a demo I recorded a while back with Sydney/Tokyo producer Iain Ploughman. He laid down some tracks he liked, then I improvized on them. They were all recorded in one take. Improvization is my favourite form of music.

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